Communications for private homes

Communications to the private homes have long been accustomed to the convenience and comfort, so the availability of communications in our homes are no longer considered something splendid, but rather – the usual attribute of life. In addition, in our time there are no borders for decorating their homes. Interior decoration of the building and the necessary communications – key elements in the construction of private houses. It is especially important to carry out their conduct carefully and slowly, aiming for excellent results and the possibility of long-term polzovaniya. Osnovnymi communication links for private homes are gas, electricity, water, sewerage. For some – the telephone line. Of course, if desired, may replace them with more accessible ways. For example, the function can perform an ordinary sewer septic, plumbing – well, a toilet – located on the street. The generator will provide electricity, and simple cylinders – gas. But this is not at least satisfied many in the private grazhdan. Elektrichestvo dome. Etot kind of communication is a vital, therefore, usually carried out in the first place is an electric cable. Such work is performed only with the consent of a nearby energy-efficient company. Wiring runs through the air, and there is no difficulty in his conduct. Especially in financial terms, it will cost not so expensive, if the connection point is near. The farther away, respectively, the more expensive it is oboydetsya.Kstati, the fact that today the price for electricity is not cheap, proves the irrationality of using electric stoves and heaters as heat sources. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it would be better to immediately install an individual meter for metering energii. Vodoprovod private dome. Dlya its holding only need to drill a well on his site. There are times when a well is equipped with a single settlement. This type of communication is no less important sign in the private komforta. Kanalizatsiya dome.V private home, you can use two types of sewers. Outside is provided when there is a possibility of laying network via a specially dug trenches, laying pipes, installation of wells and t.d. Avtonomny form is used when there is no external networks. It creates a special clarifier, where the accumulated water from the drain, and then going on disinfection and purification using a special private bakteriy. Gaz dome. Gazoprovodnaya system is both individual and outside (when the number of a central gas pipeline). However, it should be noted that an individual method of heating will cost considerably expensive because it involves the construction of its own boiler. But it will be very udobno. Pri routing these messages need to choose quality materials that subsequently appeared in trouble. As can be seen from the above, the use of communications in a private home – it expensive. But is it worth saving a comfortable living?

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